VoIP Gateways

More number of businesses and industries are embracing VoIP in their day-to-day communication realizing the cost benefits and flexibilities offered by VoIP. Matrix VoIP Gateways sends all long distance calls via data packets over internet instead of traditional telephony networks. Matrix Gateways interface the new-age VoIP to the POTS, ISDN and GSM/3G networks in an integrated platform.

Matrix VoIP Gateways are pre-loaded with advance features such as SIP proxy and Peer-to-Peer calling that helps substantial saving over long distance calls. Further it allows users to maintain existing telephony infrastructure and preserves user’s dialing habits.

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Key Features

  • Any-to-Any network call routing
  • Open-standard SIP support
  • Make mobile calls directly from IP terminals
  • VoIP Gateway for Traditional ISDN PBX
  • ISDN PRI gateway for IP-PBX
  • Simultaneous peer-to-peer and proxy calling
  • Connect multiple branch offices over cost-effective IP network
  • Register with multiple SIP service providers
  • VLAN tagging for advanced networking
  • VoIP Security over SRTP/TLS Encryption
  • Seamless connectivity to cost-effective IP network
  • Send/Receive FAX over Internet
  • No need of static IP with Dynamic DNS support
  • Video conferencing (H.320) through PRI NT port
  • Simultaneous registration with multiple SIP service providers
  • Port Forwarding and DMZ